Building bridges, not dams.

Husky Health Bridge was founded by a dedicated group of University of Washington School of Dentistry students with the vision of achieving health equity for all through persistent advocacy and compassionate humanitarian service.

Our mission is to provide the poor and underserved with access to comprehensive healthcare through interprofessional relief efforts, education, and advocacy in Washington state.

We strive to build relationships with the underprivileged to understand the obstacles they face in obtaining healthcare services, standing strong in unity to remove these barriers.

  • Marcus Hwang, Advocacy

    Marcus Hwang strives to make healthcare a universal right, and not just a privilege. He believes that good health is the starting line for a vibrant human experience. Through empowerment and advocacy, Marcus hopes to protect the unprotected, defend the defenseless, and stand in unity with those around him—because we are all in this together.
  • Jessica Latimer, Relief Efforts

    Jessica is a passionate supporter of health rights for all. While dental assisting at the Union Gospel Mission in her hometown of Yakima, she observed widespread health inequity profoundly impacting the most vulnerable individuals of society. Through Husky Health Bridge, Jessica is committed to increasing accessibility to healthcare and addressing the needs of the underserved through direct relief efforts.
  • Brandon Walker, Media & PR

    Brandon is a Pacific Northwest native who became a universal wanderer after enlisting in the United States Marine Corps in 2005. Throughout his ten years of service, Brandon traveled to Guam, Japan, the Philippines, and Kenya, where he developed his passion for culture, language, and global public health initiatives. He believes an informed community is a healthy community, thus employs his background in technology to deliver valuable knowledge and awareness to the public through various media formats.
  • John Bui, Logistics

    For John, it’s all about people. It doesn't matter where we are now, it just matters where we're going and how we can help and support one another in our pursuits. He believes in the impact of a strong community and sees healthcare as an avenue to be involved in and improve the community to which he belongs. John aspires to help the underserved and underprivileged to ensure they are afforded the same quality of care as everyone else.
  • Mark Van Duker, Finance

    Mark is from Gig Harbor, Washington and loves the Seattle area. As a young adult he had the unique experience of living in Hong Kong for two years as a full-time missionary. While there he became aware of the economic inequality around him. Through his service with Husky Health Bridge, he hopes to prevent the suffering of treatable oral diseases by those who are underrepresented in the greater Seattle area.
  • Manvir Kaur, Student Engagement

    Manvir is a Washington native with a lifelong passion for serving the less fortunate. In undergrad she worked with and educated the homeless population on healthcare topics and volunteered with the UW School of Dentistry to help provide free dental care to those living in underserved areas. These experiences have taught her that teamwork and support from the community are necessary when trying to provide large-scale access to healthcare. Through Husky Health Bridge, Manvir strives to continue giving back to the community by providing the care that everyone deserves but not everyone gets.